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Meet the evolution: The Future Social Network!  

Close Friends  |  Local Experiences  |  Easy Coordination
Crewship members Create & Share Future Social Plans so Close Crews can Join In!


Create & Share Future Plans

Put Together a Plan Easily.
Set the details of your activities (what, when, where, who and how) for ultra smooth coordination!

Simplified get togethers

Multiple Crews & Profiles

Create several ‘Crews’ to instantly share plans with. Also, multiple ‘Profiles’: maybe you create one for close friends, another for family, a 3rd for co-workers, etc…you name it

Real Experiences

Fill up your weekend 

Real Friends

Group your peeps for simple, fast coordination

Real Easy

Blast out your plans to get everyone on board

Real Fun

Collaborate on Crewship to put the future into focus


What You Get


See what friends are up to

See what your friends are planning and what you might want to participate in through visual streams.

Easily add a new Hangout

Thinking of doing something this weekend? Set the what, when, and “who can view” to tell people what you’re up to so they can jump in!

Your social calendar & reminders

Keep all of your social engagements in view, and easily set reminders so you don’t forget!

Multiple, separate crews

Just as in real life you’ll have multiple, separate groups of people through multiple profiles: one for friends, family, co-workers or classmates, you name it!

Past and future memories in one place

All your future and past events including photos, people, place, and more are organized in one place!


Discuss what to bring, make comments, and even allow your guests to make suggestions about date, time or location.

Be in the know! 

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